Web Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Who says web developers have boring lives? Thanks to the fast development of technology, web developers are always on their toes just to be on top of the game. And what better way to be constantly updated than to keep up with the latest trends.

Why should you put learning into consideration? Aside from a stand-out resume and even better opportunities, continuous learning helps you develop as a web developer. Aside from knowing the best places to access the best tools like GitHub, you can also join communities and create lasting connections especially if you hop in open-source projects in places like Stack.

web development trends

But that’s not all. Did you know that Artificial intelligence is finally happening? It’s no longer a dream, robots that can function as human beings just like in the movies. In fact, some can now make complex facial expressions or accomplish tasks like beating someone at a game. So when do web devs come into the picture? Remember Wix? They are developing the Artificial Design Intelligence platform through data gathered from the millions of Wix users in order to develop a solid web design.

Another trend to look out for is Ruby on Rails. Recently on June 2016, this popular, ten-year old web development framework got an upgrade. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really as impactful as most hoped for. However, 2017 for Ruby on Rails seems to be bright especially for those who are using core features like ActionCable and Turbolinks 5.

Finally, Google’s Angular is one of the rising trends this 2017. Despite being the overhaul of Google’s browser and mobile application framework, it has served as one of the best tools for data management and HTTP services. Aspiring web developers can also use this tool if they need a non-code-dependent tool.

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