Aurelia’s Newest Features in a Nutshell

The internet is a huge yet wonderful place. As programmers, we have learned to utilize this tool to become more than just a place of entertainment and information. In fact, it has also become our model for open sourcing. Aurelia envisions the same thing. Open sourcing not only gives us the ability to share our thoughts, opinions, and discoveries, but also gives us a way to foster communities and encourage collaboration.

If we were to look back, Aurelia is still a pretty young framework compared to others but even so, it managed to come toe to toe against heavyweights like Angular 2 and React in the major 3rd party lists. So as the new updates for Aurelia are released, here’s a summary on what you could expect from this year.

Continuous Improvements

One of the things that would make a tool effective are continuous improvements. As technology evolves, so does the programs built to compliment it. Developers behind Aurelia hint that they will be improving the program over the course of the year and this would include hunting down and resolving bugs that were present in the past updates. They also hinted better usability of the modules as well as making things simpler to encourage developers to create their own apps.

Tool Enhancement

Aurelia wouldn’t be effective if it wasn’t for its tools. If the framework was to be updated, you can always expect its tools to follow shortly. Some of the hinted tools that would be released over the year are Webpack, CLI, VS Code Plugin, and Template Validation.

Server-Side Rendering

Improvements come in different forms and this is just one of them. Though not many would agree that this is necessary, in terms of efficiency for clients (without using too many routes), this improvement is something to look forward to. It promises less loading time and better performance for those making SEO-critical applications.

Cross-platform Accessibility

One of the biggest focus by Aurelia this year is to be able to run in various platforms including Linux, Android, and iOS.

Aurelia UX

Deemed as the open source sister framework for Aurelia, this framework promises a more user friendly experience and a huge focus on the UI/UX design of the programmer’s application.

Indeed, things are looking good for Aurelia this year.

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