InfernoJS to Rival React JavaScript

InfernoJS may be small but it is certainly a terrible force to be reckoned with. A budding rival to Facebook’s own React, this lightweight library offers a wide range of features including a major speed boost, server-side render stream, and lower memory consumption. Just from these alone, it is not a surprise to hear that InfernoJS is one of the budding favorites for developers in terms of UI development.

One of the best features found in Inferno is its light weight. Being only 9KB in terms of program weight, it can parse projects faster especially for developers who are on mobile devices. Another outstanding feature that should be placed into consideration is that if developers are using multiple frameworks, Inferno is also React-compatible especially on Chrome and Firefox.

You might be asking this now, “What if I want my existing React projects to be carried over to Inferno?” Good news as InfernoJS allows developers to carry over their React projects with just a few lines called inferno-compat.

Just by looking at these in retrospect, it can be said that InfernoJS is like a lighter version of React, with a bit more.

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