Programming Trends for the Year 2017

2016 was a good year for the IT industry with digital transformation becoming one of the top priorities of most businesses. Now, what are the programming trends for the year 2017?

Here are the things that programmers should be looking forward to this year.

programming trends

Enterprise Java for Cloud and Microservices
Last year, we saw Oracle put a halt on Java EE as they announced a complete reboot for the platform as they began to set their focus on microservices and cloud. With that in the horizon, it is expected that this major change will be released in two parts, Java EE 8 late this year, and Java 9 on 2018. Both releases will be focusing on capabilities such as REST services, HTTP/2, scalable service, and key-value store support.

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform still pushing
Last year was a challenging year for UWP due to the skepticism thrown at its direction. However, the company managed to convince developers to try the program out during the 2016 Build conference. In regards to that, replacing the Visual Studio 15 this year is Visual Studio 2017 somewhere in June.

Faster releases for JavaScript
In 2016, JavaScript released a minor upgrade named ECMA Script 2016. For this year’s release, there are plans to add more capabilities such as async functions to simplify the writing of asynchronous code and string padding to make web performance better without the pain of using strings. Expect release for ECMA is somewhere in the middle of the year. As for Google, its Angular framework is set for a fast release on March with another one slated to be out six months after.

Big bets on Swift for Apple
Tech-giant Apple did not fall behind last year as they released the third version of Swift. The successor to 2014’s Objective-C, its planned update will now focus on Application Binary Interface stability.

These are just some of the foreseen programming trends for the year. Stay tuned – we will keep on updating you as we get more news and information!

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