JetBrains’ Webstorm Embraces VUE.JS

JetBrains is now supporting Vue.JS in their smartest JavaScript IDE Webstorm. The 2017.1 version release of their Webstorm supports the following modern web frameworks: Angular, React, Meteor, and Vue. This IDE also supports React Native, PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic for mobile development. There are now more new features and frameworks that Webstorm is supporting.


Vue creator Evan You says, “I know there are a lot of Vue users who are using or wanted to use WebStorm as their primary editor but were waiting for better Vue support.” Among the new features of Webstorm in relation to Vue are:

  1. .vue files will now be recognized
  2. Code IntelliSense inside the templates will be supported
  3. Automatically add import statements

On another news, Angular developers will be delighted to know that WebStorm also now has what they call “Angular Language Service”, which was created by the Angular team and has the capability of doing error checks and type recommendations inside the Angular template.

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