Next.JS – Who’s NEXT?

Another emerging JavaScript framework is now on version 2.0. Have you ever wondered if you can create a simple web application without worrying about the things you need to learn  like routing, layouts and many other concepts that are essential in building applications? Well, NEXT.JS is an opensource JavaScript framework that allows you to do so without dwelling so much on routing concepts and does server side rendering by default.

This framework simplifies a developer’s task by giving existing decisions. This lightweight framework is made using JavaScript and React. This new version 2.0 is more advanced than their 1.0 version which is way straightforward. Now in this current version, NEXT is focusing on building smaller applications that simplifies the use of React. Some of the good points that are really helpful for developers are the automatic code splitting – where every imports you declare gets bundled and served with each page to be exact i.e. pages never load unnecessary codes. Another feature of this framework is that it has a pre-made or default CSS integrated within itself. You can also now use existing CSS-in-JS solutions. You may also want to try the fetching of data and its component lifecycle by exporting their React.Component. There are way more features in this framework that are worth exploring and is recommended for developers who are trying to build scalable applications.

next js

For more detailed and information on this framework, you can clone the latest version at The installations and guides are clear and easy to follow.

This current version of NEXT looks really impressive. Although this has a lot of helpful methods and concepts, they are planning soon to release version 3.0 that focuses on HMR. HMR is a feature that is injected in specific module in active runtime. We can simply define it as a simple reload on module. On the other hand, compilation will be way faster.

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