Vue Overview

vue overview

Welcome to another learning curve in Javascript framework. This tutorial is purposely designed for newcomers or even professionals who are planning to build web applications, exploring new open source technology or just came across and got curious in Vue.

Before we start to get our hands dirty, let’s have a summary lookup about Vue.

If your question is, “ this a new JS framework?”, then the answer is NO.  Vue.js started around 2013 and was officially released by Evan You around February 2014. Vue started gaining popularity in the mid of 2015 and at the present time, it is one of the competitors of popular frameworks such as React, Ember, Knockout and Angular. Vue is a progressive framework that is generally dedicated for building user interfaces.

Vue is a very lightweight javascript framework and is great when it comes to flexibility, syntax, simplicity, and much more. Since performance is a critical issue, one of the amazing parts of Vue is the UI rendering which is extremely fast compared to other frameworks. If you came across one of the next tutorials, you will see some of Vue syntax patterns that might be similar to other frameworks like Angular, the reason is that, Vue.js evolved from the good and bad practices of React and Angular.

The next question might be “..what is the good return of learning this framework?”. Today, this framework is already popular and is extremely growing and will be an even more in demand skill in the near future. Skills in this framework is highly sought after in the market. If you are a beginner, you can easily adopt to other frameworks once you gain experience in using Vue because of it’s easy-to-understand structure and patterns.

The next part of this tutorial comes with the installation and setup of Vue.js to start our development.

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