Google Cloud Functions

  • A pay-as-you-go function as a service (FaaS) to run your code with zero server management.


  • There is no need to provision, manage, or upgrade servers.
  • Cloud Functions can be written using:
    • Node.js
    • Python 3
    • Go
    • Java
  • Automatically scales based on load without thinking about the infrastructure.
  • Built-in security at role and per function level based on the least privilege principle.
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  • Allows you to trigger your code from Google Cloud, Firebase, and Google Assistant or call it directly from any web, mobile, or backend application via HTTP.
  • To act on events, you shall define a trigger. Binding a function to a trigger enables you to act on events. The most common triggers are:
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Supported HTTP request types like: POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, and OPTIONS.
    • Pub/Sub


  • Cloud Functions is priced according to:
    • how long your function runs
    • how many times it is invoked
    • how many resources you provision for the function


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