AWS Wavelength

AWS Wavelength Cheat Sheet

  • A service that allows developers to create applications with ultra-low latencies for mobile devices and end users.

  • Wavelength Zones can be used to extend an Amazon VPC in order to run ultra-low latency applications that use the same AWS services, APIs, tools, and functionalities.


  • Wavelength Zones support a wide range of compute instances for general purpose, gaming, and machine learning inference.

  • Supports persistent block storage to provide a snapshot, encryption, and restore capabilities without any performance impact.

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  • Connectivity to 5G networks using VPC and Carrier Gateway.

  • Various AWS management and monitoring tools to run and manage workloads in Wavelength Zones.

  • Use cases:

    • Create and distribute augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) apps, as well as HD live video streaming.

    • Use AI and ML-powered video and image analytics at the edge to accelerate 5G applications in medical diagnostics, retail, and smart manufacturing settings.

    • With near-real-time communication between automobiles and the cloud, you’ll be able to create advanced driver assistance, autonomous driving, and in-vehicle entertainment experiences.

AWS Wavelength Concepts

  • Wavelength is the AWS infrastructure used to run workloads that require ultra-low latencies over mobile networks.

  • Wavelength Zone (WZ) 

    • A logical extension of the Region. It is where the Wavelength infrastructure is deployed and is managed by the Region’s control plane.

    • Use WZs for application components that require ultra-low latency, enhanced bandwidth, or improved service quality across 5G mobile networks.

    • To give the most scalable, robust, and cost-effective alternatives for components, AWS recommends that you design the edge applications in a hub and spoke model with the Region.

    • For latency-sensitive applications, you need to have multiple WZs.

    • To discover the closest WZ endpoint, you must register the EC2 instance with a discovery service such as AWS Cloud Map.

    • For data and app replication, AWS recommends you use an AZ in a different Region as a failover zone.

    • Apps running on 4G/LTE mobile phones and devices connected to 4G/LTE networks can also connect to Wavelength Zones’ application servers.

  • An application that you run on an AWS resource in a WZ is called Wavelength Application.

  • Carrier Gateway

    • Provides connectivity between WZ and telecommunication carrier.

    • Enables inbound traffic from a carrier network in a specific location, as well as outbound traffic to the carrier network and the internet.

    • Supports IPv4 traffic.

    • Only available for VPCs with WZ subnets.

    • To assign a network interface, use a carrier IP address from the network border group.

  • You can create AWS compute, storage services, and carrier gateways in WZs.

  • You’ll also need VPC, Subnet, and Network Border Group to be able to leverage the 5G edge computing infrastructure of AWS Wavelength.

  • To manage your resources and WZs, you can use the following interfaces:

    • AWS Management Console

    • AWS CLI

    • AWS SDKs

AWS Wavelength Pricing

  • Prices for AWS resources in WZs will differ from those in the parent region.

  • In WZs, EC2 instances are only available on demand.

  • Wavelength Zones can be used with your Instance Savings Plan.

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