AWS Resource Access Manager

  • A service that enables you to easily and securely share AWS resources with any AWS account or, if you are part of AWS Organizations, with Organizational Units (OUs) or your entire Organization. If you share resources with accounts that are outside of your Organization, then those accounts will receive an invitation to the Resource Share and can start using the shared resources upon accepting the invitation.
    • Only the master account can enable sharing with AWS Organizations.
    • The organization must be enabled for all features.
  • RAM eliminates the need to create duplicate resources in multiple accounts. You can create resources centrally in a multi-account environment, and use RAM to share those resources across accounts in three simple steps: 
    1. Create a Resource Share
    2. Specify resources
    3. Specify accounts

AWS Resource Access Manager

  • You can stop sharing a resource by deleting the share in AWS RAM.
  • Services you can share with AWS RAM

AWS Resource Access Manager

  • Security
    • Use IAM policies to secure who can access resources that you shared or received from another account. 
  • Pricing
    • There is no additional charge for using AWS RAM.


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