Azure Blob vs Disk vs File Storage

Blob Storage

Disk Storage

File Storage

Type of storage

Object storage to store all types of data formats.

Block storage for virtual machines.

File system across multiple machines.

Max Storage Size

Same as maximum storage account capacity

65,536 GiB for ultra disk

32,767 GiB for standard and premium drives

Scale up to 100 TiB

Max File Size

190.7 TiB for block blob

195 GiB for append blob

8 TiB for page blob

Equivalent to the maximum size of your volumes

4 TiB for a single file

Performance (Throughput)

500 requests per second for a single blob

Up to 2000 MBps per disk.

6,204 MiB/s for egress

4,136 MiB/s for ingress

Data Accessing

Objects can be accessed via HTTP/HTTPs.

A single virtual machine in a single AZ.

Share your files either on-premises or in the cloud.

Encryption Methods

Encrypt your data using Azure SSE (256-bit AES)

SSE by storage service and ADE for OS and data disks.

Encrypt your data using Azure SSE (256-bit AES)

Backup and Restoration

Versioning, snapshots and object replication

You can back up your managed disks at any point in time using snapshots.

Uses file share snapshots


You are billed based on the stored data per month, operations performed, data transfer, and redundancy.

You pay for the disk size, snapshots, and number of transactions.

You pay for the provisioned GiB per month and the number of servers connected to the cloud endpoint.

Use Cases

Static website, media and log files, backups, analytics workloads

Boot volumes and transaction-intensive workloads

Central location of your files, monitoring logs and applications



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