Google Cloud Global Infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure of GCP is built around:

  • 20+ regions
  • 70+ zones
  • 140+ network edge locations


  • A large geographic area, such as the United States, that contains two or more geographic places.


  • Are collections of zones that provide high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections to other zones in the same region.
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  • Regional resources can be used by any resource in that region, regardless of zone
  • Generally, communication within regions will always be cost-efficient and faster than communication across different regions.


  • It is an isolated location within a region and is composed of several physical infrastructures housed in a data center called cluster.
  • Resources that live in a zone such as virtual machines or persistent disks are referred to as zonal resources.
  • Zonal resources can only be used by other resources in the same zone.
  • The fully-qualified name for a zone is made up of <region>-<zone>.
    • For example, for zone a in region us-central1, the zone name would be us-central1-a.
  • Depending on how widely you want to distribute your application resources, you can provision them across multiple zones in multiple regions for redundancy.


  • It is a distinct physical infrastructure that is housed in a data center.

Network edge locations

  • Offers connection to Google Cloud services from different locations across metropolitan areas.

View the interactive Google Cloud Platform map here.


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