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Azure Batch

  • A service that runs large-scale parallel and high-performance computing (HPC) batch jobs in Azure.
  • Allows you to run jobs in a group of Linux or Windows virtual machines.


  • A task represents a unit of computation and a job is a collection of tasks.
  • Job priority values range from the lowest priority to the highest priority.
  • To specify certain limits for your jobs, you can use job constraints:
    • Maximum wallclock time – tasks are terminated if the job runs longer than the specified time.
    • Maximum number of task retries – if the task fails, it will be requeued to run again.
  • A job manager task contains the information needed to create the tasks required for the job.
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  • Scheduled jobs allow you to create recurring jobs.
  • Simultaneously run on more than one compute node with a multi-instance task.
  • With task dependencies, the task depends on the completion of other tasks before its execution.


  • No additional charge for using Azure Batch and you are only charged for the underlying resources consumed.


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