Azure Cloud Concepts

  • Terminologies of the cloud: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Disaster Recovery, Scalability, Elasticity, and Agility

High Availability

  • If hardware fails, you can get a new, exact copy of it in very little time
  • Use clusters (a group of virtual machines) to ensure high availability

Fault Tolerance

  • Fault tolerance is part of the resilience of cloud computing
  • Zero Down-Time –  if one component fails, a backup component takes its place
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Disaster Recovery

  • Plan to recover critical business systems:
    • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time it takes after a disruption to restore business process to its service level
    • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the acceptable amount of data loss measured in time before the disaster occurs
  • Services for backup and disaster recovery:
    • Azure Backup – simplify data protection while saving costs
    • Azure Site Recovery keep your business running with disaster recovery service
    • Azure Archive Storage – store rarely used data in the cloud


  • You may increase or decrease the resources and services used at any given time, depending on the demand or workload.
    • Vertical Scaling – adding resources to increase the power of an existing server
    • Horizontal Scalingadding more servers that function together as one unit
  • Use scale sets for critical scenarios


  • Quickly expand or decrease computing resources
  • Automatically allocates more computing resources to handle the increased traffic. When the traffic begins to normalize, the cloud automatically de-allocates the additional resources to minimize cost


  • The ability to design, test, and launch software applications quickly that stimulate business growth.
  • Cloud agility enables companies to concentrate on other concerns such as security, monitoring, and analysis, instead of provisioning and maintaining the resources.


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