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For your convenience, this page serves as a directory of all AWS cheat sheets we have published so far.

Our AWS cheat sheets were created to give you a bird’s eye view of the important AWS services that you need to know by heart to be able to pass the very tough AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam as well as the other AWS certification exams. It’s presented mostly in bullet points to provide you with easy-to-digest and easy-to-remember notes that will help you gain a better understanding of the different AWS services.

While these AWS cheat sheets will save you time from going through all the AWS documentations, we still highly recommend that you read those as well as the whitepapers to supplement your exam preparations. Also, check out these helpful AWS study guides which contain tips and resources that you can use while reviewing for your AWS certification exam.

Lastly, we also recommend that you answer as many AWS practice test questions as you can to further increase your chances of passing the exam.

AWS OverviewAWS Compute ServicesAWS Storage Services
AWS Global InfrastructureAmazon EC2Amazon S3
AWS PricingAWS BatchAmazon EBS
AWS Five PillarsAmazon ECRAmazon EFS
AWS Design PrinciplesAmazon ECSAmazon Glacier
AWS Disaster RecoveryAWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS Snowball
AWS LambdaAWS Snowball Edge
AWS SAMAWS Snowmobile
AWS Storage Gateway
AWS Database ServicesAWS Migration ServicesAWS Networking & Content Delivery
Amazon AuroraAWS SnowballAmazon API Gateway
Amazon DynamoDBAWS Snowball EdgeAmazon CloudFront
Amazon ElastiCacheAWS SnowmobileAWS Direct Connect
Amazon RDSAWS Database Migration ServiceAWS Elastic Load Balancing ELB
Amazon RedshiftAWS Server Migration Service SMSAmazon Route 53
AWS Migration Strategies-The 6 RsAmazon VPC
VPC Peering
AWS Security & Identity Services AWS Management ToolsAWS Analytics Service
AWS Identity & Access ManagementAWS Auto ScalingAmazon Athena
Amazon InspectorAWS CloudFormationAmazon Cloudsearch
AWS Key Management ServiceAWS CloudtrailAWS Data Pipeline
AWS OrganizationsAmazon CloudWatchAmazon EMR
AWS ShieldAWS ConfigAmazon Kinesis
AWS WAFAWS HealthAmazon Redshift
AWS Firewall ManagerAWS Management ConsoleAmazon Elasticsearch
AWS Directory ServiceAWS OpsWorksAmazon QuickSight
AWS Systems Manager
AWS Trusted Advisor
AWS Developer ToolsAWS Application ServicesAWS Desktop And App Streaming
AWS CodeDeployAmazon SNSAmazon WorkSpaces
Amazon CodePipelineAmazon SQS
AWS CodeBuildAmazon SWF
AWS X-RayAWS Step Functions
AWS Machine Learning And AIAWS Desktop And App StreamingOther AWS Services
Amazon RekognitionAmazon WorkSpacesAmazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon MQ
ECS Task Placement Strategies
DynamoDB Scan vs Query
Kinesis Scaling Resharding And Parallel Processing
Lambda Integration With Amazon DynamoDB Streams
Calculating Required RCU And WCU For Your DynamoDB Table
Instrumenting Your Application with AWS X-Ray
IP Blocking: Use AWS WAF or NACL


Comparison of AWS Services
S3 vs EBS vs EFSElastic Beanstalk vs CloudFormation vs OpsWorks vs CodeDeploy
Amazon S3 vs GlacierApplication Load Balancer vs Network Load Balancer vs Classic Load Balancer
S3standard vs S3 Standard-IA vs S3OneZone-IAS3 Transfer Acceleration vs Direct Connect vs VPN vs Snowball vs Snowmobile
RDS vs DynamoDBService Control Policies vs IAM Policies
CloudTrail vs CloudWatchEC2 Container Services ECS vs Lambda
Security Group vs NACLRedis Append – Only files vs Redis Replication
EBS-SSD vs HDDSNI Custom SSL vs Dedicated IP Custom SSL
S3 Pre-Signed URLS vs CloudFront Signed URLS vs Origin Access IdentityEC2 Instance Health Check vs ELB Health Check vs Auto Scaling and Custom Health Check
CloudWatch Agent vs SSM Agent vs Custom Daemon ScriptsBackup and Restore vs Pilot Light vs Warm Standby vs Multi – site
Amazon SWF vs AWS Step Function vs Amazon SQSLatency Routing vs Geoproximity Routing vs Geolocation Routing
Redis Cluster Mode Enabled vs Disabled vs Memcached


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