AWS Well-Architected Framework – Five Pillars

1. Operational Excellence

  • The ability to run and monitor systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes and procedures.
  • There are three best practice areas and tools for operational excellence in the cloud:
    • Prepare – AWS Config
    • Operate – Amazon CloudWatch
    • Evolve – Amazon Elasticsearch Service
  • Key AWS service:
    • AWS CloudFormation for creating templates. (See AWS Management Tools Cheat Sheet)

2. Security

    • The ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.
    • There are five best practice areas and tools for security in the cloud:
      • Identity and Access Management – IAM, Multi-Factor Authentication, AWS Organizations
      • Detective Controls – AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty
      • Infrastructure Protection – Amazon VPC, Amazon CloudFront with AWS Shield, AWS WAF
      • Data Protection – ELB, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon S3, and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) encryption, Amazon Macie, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)
      • Incident Response – IAM, Amazon CloudWatch Events
    • Key AWS service:
      • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

3. Reliability

    • The ability of a system to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.
    • There are three best practice areas and tools for reliability in the cloud:
      • Foundations – IAM, Amazon VPC, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Shield
      • Change Management – AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch
      • Failure Management – AWS CloudFormation, Amazon S3, AWS KMS, Amazon Glacier
    • Key AWS service:
      • Amazon CloudWatch

WS Well Architected Framework Five Pillars

4. Performance Efficiency

    • The ability to use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.
    • There are four best practice areas for performance efficiency in the cloud:
      • Selection – Auto Scaling for Compute, Amazon EBS and S3 for Storage, Amazon RDS and DynamoDB for Database, Route53, VPC, and AWS Direct Connect for Network
      • Review – AWS Blog and What’s New section of the website
      • Monitoring –  Amazon CloudWatch
      • Tradeoffs – Amazon Elasticache, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Snowball, Amazon RDS read replicas.
    • Key AWS service:
      • Amazon CloudWatch

5. Cost Optimization

    • The ability to avoid or eliminate unneeded cost or suboptimal resources.
    • There are four best practice areas and tools for cost optimization in the cloud:
      • Cost-Effective Resources – Cost Explorer, Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor, Amazon Aurora for RDS, AWS Direct Connect with Amazon CloudFront
      • Matching supply and demand – Auto Scaling
      • Expenditure Awareness –  AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets
      • Optimizing Over Time – AWS News Blog and the What’s New section on the AWS website, AWS Trusted Advisor
    • Key AWS service:
      • Cost Explorer



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