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Google Cloud Build

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Google Cloud Build

  • Build, test, and deploy on Google Cloud Platform’s serverless CI/CD platform.


  • Cloud build is a fully serverless platform that helps you build your custom development workflows for building, testing, and deploying.
  • Cloud Build can import source code from:
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Source Repositories
    • GitHub
    • Bitbucket
  • Supports Native Docker.
    • You can import your existing Docker file.
    • Push images directly to Docker image storage repositories such as Docker Hub and Container Registry.
  • You can also automate deployments to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Cloud Run for continuous delivery.
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  • Automatically performs package vulnerability scanning for vulnerable images based on policies set by DevSecOps.
  • You can package source into containers or non-container artifacts like Maven, Gradle, Go, or Bazel.


  • The first 120 build-minutes per day is free.
  • The succeeding time is charged.


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