Amazon Managed Grafana

What is Amazon Managed Grafana?

  • A data visualization service for querying, correlating, and visualizing operational metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources.

  • Create dashboards and visualizations to analyze metrics, logs, and traces without having to build, package, or deploy Grafana servers.

  • All logical Grafana server deployment, setup, scaling, and maintenance are handled by AWS.

  • Integrated with the following AWS data sources:

    • Amazon CloudWatch

    • Amazon OpenSearch Service

    • AWS X-Ray

    • AWS IoT SiteWise

    • Amazon Timestream

    • Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

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Amazon Managed Grafana Components

  • Workspaces

    • A logically isolated Grafana server.

    • User authentication method for workspaces is through:

      • SAML 2.0

      • AWS IAM Identity Center

    • Each Region can have up to five workspaces.

    • Supports Grafana HTTP APIs

    • You can create permissions and policies to manage the workspace’s data sources and notification channels.

    • When you delete a workspace, the following items are also removed:

      • Dashboards

      • Data source configuration

      • Alerts

      • Snapshots

  • A user may only have one of three roles: Admin, Editor, or Viewer.

  • Teams

    • Allows you to grant permissions to a group of users.

    • Using team sync, you can automatically synchronize team membership between Grafana workspace and authorization provider.

  • A user can be associated with the following permission:

    • Grafana admin

    • Membership in a team

    • Specific folder or dashboard

    • Data source

  • Data sources

    • You can combine data from various data sources into a single dashboard.

    • TestDB – a built-in data source to generate random walk data for testing and experiments.

    • Mixed – allow you to query multiple data sources in the same panel.

    • Dashboard – useful for a result set from another panel in the same dashboard.

    • Supports built-in or Grafana Enterprise data sources.

  • Panel

    •  A visual representation of one or more queries.

    • Each panel contains a query editor that can be used to extract a visualization to display on the panel.

      • Recorded queries enable you to take a snapshot of a data point on a set interval.

    • Transformations allow you to rename fields, join separate time series together, and perform math across queries.

    • A field represents a single time series or table column.

      • Field options – allow you to change the way data is displayed in your visualizations, and changes are applied to all fields.

      • Field overrides – apply only to specific fields.

    • Create reusable panels using library panels.

  • Dashboard

    • Consists of one or more panels and is arranged into one or more rows.

    • Annotations are used to display event data across multiple panels.

    • To organize and group your dashboards, use folders.

    • A playlist is a collection of dashboards that are displayed in a specific order.

    • A dashboard snapshot allows you to quickly share an interactive dashboard publicly.

  • Explore removes dashboard and panel options so that you can concentrate on performing queries to view your data.

  • Links lets you create shortcuts to the dashboard, panel, and data.

  • Alert rules and notification channel helps you identify problems in your system moments after they occur


Amazon Managed Grafana Security

  • Centrally manage data source configuration and permission settings for multiple AWS accounts using AWS Organization

  • You can configure organizational units to make their AWS data sources visible in the primary account.

  • Uses CloudFormation StackSets to automatically create IAM roles for connecting to data sources.

  • You need to create an API key for authorization in order to use Grafana APIs in the Amazon Managed Grafana workspace.


Amazon Managed Grafana Pricing

  • You are charged based on the active user license per workspace.

  • You are charged per active editor or administrator user per workspace in the Grafana Editor license.

  • You are charged per active user per workspace in the Grafana Viewer license.

  • You are charged per active API user in the Grafana API user license.


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