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What is Prometheus?


What is Prometheus? Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit originally built at SoundCloud. This tool's primary function is to collect and store metrics as time series data. For example, suppose you have a running web application that is too slow. You can use Prometheus to determine the response time of a web server or the number of active connections/queries in a database.  Features: Multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs Time series are collected using a pull model over HTTP.  PromQL (Prometheus Query Language) lets the user select and aggregate [...]

What is Prometheus?2022-12-02T12:46:32+00:00

What is Grafana?


What is Grafana? Grafana is an open-source analytics and interactive visualization web app. When connected to supported data sources, it displays charts, graphs, and alerts on the web. The product is described as a "complete observability stack,” which includes everything you need to interact with your data.   How It Works To visualize and analyze data in a dashboard, you’ll need to set up the following: Server - produces the data that you want to visualize. Data Source - a connection set up to a database from a server. Grafana - queries the data source for information to display in [...]

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How to View your Actual AWS Bill if you have AWS Credits


Having AWS Credits can significantly reduce the cost of your cloud resources in your AWS account. However, there are some changes in your AWS Billing and Cost Management console that you must be aware of, to ensure that you still understand the running cost of your cloud services. You can easily view the actual bill of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account on the Bills page by default, which you can access via the Billing Dashboard. This screen will show you your total AWS bill, payment summary, AWS service charges, tax invoices, and many other info. It's a straight-forward process, [...]

How to View your Actual AWS Bill if you have AWS Credits2022-11-25T18:22:15+00:00

My AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C02 Exam Experience


I just passed the latest version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C02! What a way to end the year strong! In this short article, I'll quickly discuss what this SAP-C02 exam is all about and the different things that can help you pass this mind-boggling test.  The New AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional SAP-C02) exam is one of the two Professional-level certification tests of the AWS Certification program. This particular exam is meant for individuals who perform a solutions architect role in their current company/organization. The SAP-C02 exam validates the [...]

My AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C02 Exam Experience2022-11-19T21:50:17+00:00

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)


Bookmarks Concepts Security Monitoring Pricing A service that uses fully managed Apache Kafka to ingest and process streaming data in real time. Concepts Configuration If you do not specify a custom MSK configuration, a default configuration will be assigned to a cluster. You can use the custom configuration to new or existing MSK clusters. MSK configurations allow you to specify the properties to be set as well as the values to be assigned to them. MSK Serverless A cluster type that enables you to run Apache Kafka without the need to manage or [...]

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)2022-09-21T04:10:03+00:00



Bookmarks Use Case Concepts Monitoring Pricing A computing device that enables you to provision and manage your own single-tenant HSMs for the generation and use of encryption keys. A hardware security module (HSM) performs cryptographic operations and provides secure storage for cryptographic keys. You can perform the following cryptographic tasks: Generate, store, import, export, and manage cryptographic keys. Use symmetric and asymmetric algorithms to encrypt and decrypt your data. Compute message digests and hash-based message authentication codes using cryptographic hash functions. Cryptographically sign data and verify signatures. You can generate cryptographically secure random [...]

AWS CloudHSM2022-09-21T01:21:02+00:00

My SAA-C03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Experience


My team and I took the recently released AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate SAA-C03 exam version recently. The SAA-C03 test replaced the old SAA-C02 exam version last August. If you can compare the official exam guide of the previous SAA-C02 version with the latest one (SAA-C03), you may notice that the exam domains are almost exactly the same but with quite different domain percentages. For example, the "Design Secure Applications and Architectures" domain from the previous SAA-C02 version was renamed to just "Design Secure Architectures" domain. This one had an initial 24% exam coverage and then increased to as [...]

My SAA-C03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Experience2022-11-27T06:13:13+00:00

AWS Backup


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Pricing A service that enables you to centralize and automate data protection across AWS services and hybrid workloads. Concepts Backup plan A policy expression that determines when and how you want your AWS resources backed up. Stores periodic backups incrementally. A backup plan can be created using the AWS Backup console, API, CLI, SDK, or an AWS CloudFormation template. Backup plans can be assigned the following: Resource type - every instance or resource. Resource - a single instance of a resource type. Supports multiple backup plans for workloads with different backup [...]

AWS Backup2022-08-30T08:29:31+00:00

AWS Compute Optimizer


Bookmarks Concepts Pricing A service that recommends optimal AWS resources to reduce costs and improve performance of your workloads. Uses machine learning to analyze historical utilization metrics. You can view findings and recommendations across AWS Regions and accounts. Generates recommendations for the following resources: Amazon EC2 instances Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups Amazon EBS volumes AWS Lambda functions Concepts Recommendation preferences are features that you can activate to enhance or augment the recommendations generated for your resources. Enhanced infrastructure metrics - extends the look-back period for utilization metrics analysis to three months. Inferred workload type [...]

AWS Compute Optimizer2022-08-30T08:27:40+00:00

AWS AppSync


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Security Pricing A serverless GraphQL and Pub/Sub API service that streamlines the development of modern web and mobile applications AppSync GraphQL APIs - provides a unified endpoint for securely querying and updating data from multiple databases, microservices, and APIs AppSync Pub/Sub APIs - data updates are automatically published to subscribed API clients via serverless WebSockets connections. Concepts GraphQL It allows apps to retrieve data from servers. The GraphQL proxy is a component that runs the GraphQL engine to process requests and map them to logical functions for data operations or [...]

AWS AppSync2022-08-30T08:25:55+00:00

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