AWS Audit Manager

  • A service that will help you audit your AWS usage on a regular basis in order to simplify risk management and compliance with regulations and industry standards.

  • Automates evidence collection for policies, procedures, and activities, as well as the creation of audit reports.


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  • Centrally manage and upload evidence from on-premises or multi-cloud environments.

  • View analytics data for active assessments on the Audit Manager dashboard and quickly identify non-compliant evidence that needs to be remedied.

  • Creation of frameworks with standard or custom controls based on your specific internal audit requirements.

  • Custom frameworks can also be shared with another AWS account or replicated into another AWS Region under your own account.

  • Supports control set delegation to team members to assist you in reviewing related evidence, adding comments, and updating the status of each control.


  • Assessments

    • An assessment is based on a framework, which is a collection of controls.

    • When you create an assessment, continuous collection of evidence begins.

    • For audit, you or a delegate can review this evidence and add it to an assessment report.

    • An assessment has two states:

      • Active – currently collecting evidence.

      • Inactive – stops collecting evidence.

  • Assessment reports

    • Summarizes the evidence that was gathered from an assessment.

    • It also includes links to evidence PDF files.

    • Assessment reports are placed in an S3 bucket.

  • Delegations

    • Allows you to delegate a control set to a subject matter expert for review and validation of evidence.

    • In different AWS Regions, an account can be:

      • Audit owner

      • Delegate

    • Delegates are asked by audit owners to review the evidence associated with a control set.

  • Framework library

    • Defines the controls and data source mappings for a given compliance standard or regulation

      • Standard Frameworks – prebuilt AWS frameworks

      • Custom Frameworks – frameworks that you own.

    • By creating a share request, a recipient can use your custom framework to create assessments.

  • Control library

    • Standard Controls

      • AWS predefined controls.

      • Editing or deleting standard controls is not allowed.

      • You can customize any standard control to meet your specific requirements.

    • Custom Controls

      • Customized controls that you own.

      • Allows you to define which data sources you want to collect evidence from.

    • The data source types for automated evidence:

      • AWS API calls

      • AWS Config

      • AWS Security Hub

      • AWS CloudTrail


  • You can capture snapshots of your resource security posture by reporting:

    • Results of security checks directly from AWS Security Hub.

    • Findings to AWS Config.

  • Collects log data from AWS CloudTrail and converts processed logs into evidence of user activity.

  • Audit Manager includes a License Manager framework to help you prepare for audits.

  • You can use the following services to help you prepare for your audit:

    • AWS License Manager framework

    • AWS Control Tower Guardrails framework

  • Using Amazon SNS, you can send a notification to a user when one of the following events occurs:

    • The audit owner delegates a control set for review.

    • The audit owner has finished reviewing a control set.

    • The delegate submits a control set that has been reviewed to the audit owner.


  • Uses AWS IAM service-linked roles to connect to data sources.

  • Data is encrypted using the AWS KMS key.


  • You are charged based on the number of resource assessments performed.

  • You are charged for assessment reports stored in Amazon S3.


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