AWS License Manager

  • A service for centrally managing software licenses across AWS and on-premises environments.

  • It gives you control and visibility into license usage, allowing you to limit licensing overages and reduce the risk of noncompliance and misreporting.

  • Supports a variety of licensing models:

    • Perpetual – lifetime license with no expiration date.

    • Floating – shareable licenses.

    • Subscription – license with expiration date.

    • Usage-based – license with specific terms based on usage.


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  • License configurations

    • Contains licensing rules based on enterprise agreements.

    • It consists of parameters and rules that change depending on the parameter values.

    • License rules determine how AWS handles commands that consume licenses.

    • Allows you to modify the number of licenses and usage limits.

    • You can use AWS RAM to share license configurations.

    • When a license configuration is deactivated, existing AMI or resources that use the license are unaffected, but license consumption is not tracked.

  • License reports

    • By scheduling periodic snapshots of license usage, you can track the history of license configurations.

    • Usage reports are published directly to an S3 bucket.

      • License configuration report – number of licenses consumed and license configuration details.

      • Resource report – tracked resources and license consumption.

  • License type conversion

    • You can also convert a license type without redeploying existing workloads:

      • AWS provided licensing

      • Bring Your Own License model (BYOL)

    • Using AWS CLI, you can change the tenancy of your instance to:

      • Shared

      • Dedicated Instance

      • Dedicate Host

      • Host Resource Groups (Collection of Dedicated Hosts)

  • With Systems Manager inventory, you can also discover on-premises applications and attach licensing rules.

  • You can purchase a licenses from:

    • AWS Marketplace

    • AWS Data Exchange

    • Direct from a seller with managed entitlements

  • License capabilities are captured as entitlements.

  • You need cross-region replication of license metadata for:

    • Granted licenses

    • Seller-issued licenses.

  • Each granted or seller-issued license and its associated information is automatically replicated to other Regions.

  • The user-based subscriptions enable you to purchase Amazon provided licenses for Microsoft Visual Studio with a per user subscription fee.

  • Only one member account per organization can be delegated as administrator.

  • In the settings, you can enable the following options:

    • Distribution of managed entitlements and license configurations

    • Cross-account inventory discovery

  • Dashboard

    • Displays the license consumption associated with each license configuration.

    • Shows alert results from license rule violations.


  • You can track licenses for the following resources:

    • Amazon EC2

      • Dedicated Instances

      • Dedicated Hosts

      • Spot Instances

      • Spot Fleet

    • AWS Systems Manager Managed Instances

    • Amazon RDS Oracle license

    • BYOL software from AWS Marketplace

  • Use AWS CloudTrail to capture calls from the License Manager console and API operations.


  • You can create licenses in AWS License Manager and distribute them through:

    • End users using an IAM identity

    • Digitally signed tokens generated by AWS License Manager

  • To sign and verify licenses, use the AWS KMS Sign and Verify API operations.

  • You can create an interface VPC endpoint to establish a private connection between VPC and AWS License Manager.


  • You are charged for AWS resources that you create to run your application.


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