AWS AppSync

  • A serverless GraphQL and Pub/Sub API service that streamlines the development of modern web and mobile applications

    • AppSync GraphQL APIs – provides a unified endpoint for securely querying and updating data from multiple databases, microservices, and APIs

    • AppSync Pub/Sub APIs – data updates are automatically published to subscribed API clients via serverless WebSockets connections.


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  • GraphQL

    • It allows apps to retrieve data from servers.

    • The GraphQL proxy is a component that runs the GraphQL engine to process requests and map them to logical functions for data operations or triggers.

    • Three level operations:

      • Query – read-only fetch

      • Mutation – write followed by a fetch

      • Subscription – long-lived connection for receiving data

    • The operations are exposed via a schema that defines the capabilities of an API.

    • A schema is made up of types, which can be root or user-defined.

    • To build a GraphQL API, you need to have the following:

      • GraphQL Schema – each GraphQL API is defined by a single GraphQL schema.

      • Data Source – AWS resources that GraphQL APIs can interact with.

      • Resolvers – uses mapping templates to convert a GraphQL expression into a format that the data source can use.

        • Unit resolver – performs a single operation against a predefined data source.

        • Pipeline resolver – executes multiple operations against multiple data sources.

    • You can use a GraphQL client or HTTP to connect to a GraphQL API.

  • Real-time data

    • By specifying a GraphQL schema directive on a mutation, you can make any data source in AWS AppSync real time.

    • Data filtering

      • Basic – subscription query filtering based on client-defined arguments.

      • Enhanced – filtering based on logic defined centrally in the backend of the AWS AppSync.

    • You can also use specific filtering logic to forcefully unsubscribe and close a WebSocket connection from a connected client.

  • Configuration and settings

    • You can cache frequently requested data to reduce the load on your resolvers.

    • By compressing API responses, you can download content faster and save money on data transfer fees.

    • Supports custom domain names for your API.


  • Use Amazon CloudWatch Logs to monitor your AWS AppSync GraphQL API and debug request issues.

  • You can use AWS X-Ray to trace GraphQL requests in AWS AppSync.

  • With AWS CloudTrail, you can log AWS AppSync API calls.


  • In your API or CLI call, you can specify which authorization type you want:

    • API_KEY


    • AWS_IAM



  • Using schema directives, you can specify additional authorization modes at the schema level.

  • You can use AWS WAF to configure a set of rules to protect your web applications and APIs from attacks


  • You are charged for the following:

    • Query and data modification operations.

    • Performing real-time updates on your data.

    • Minutes of connection to AppSync.

    • Dedicated cache instance.


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