Google Cloud Pub/Sub

  • Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service for event driven systems that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications.


  • Capable of global message routing to simplify multi-region systems.
  • Synchronous, cross-zone message replication and per-message receipt tracking ensure at-least-once delivery at any scale. Pub/Sub delivers each message at least once, so the Pub/Sub service might redeliver messages.
  • You can declare independent quota and billing for publishers and subscribers.
  • Cloud Pub/Sub doesn’t have shards or partitions. You just need to set your quota, publish, and consume.
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Key Concepts

  • Topic
    • It is a named resource to which publishers send messages.
  • Subscription
    • Is a named resource representing the stream of messages from a specific topic, to be sent to the subscribing application.
  • Message
    • The combination of data and attributes that a publisher sends to a topic and is eventually sent to subscribers.
  • Message attribute
    • A key-value pair that a publisher can define for a message.

Publisher-subscriber relationships

  • A publisher application creates and sends messages to a topic.
  • Subscriber applications then create a subscription to a topic to receive messages from the topic.
  • Communication can be
    • one-to-many
    • many-to-one
    • many-to-many


  • Pub/Sub pricing is calculated based upon monthly data volumes:
    • Message ingestion and delivery
    • Snapshots and retained acknowledged messages
  • The first 10 GB of data per month is offered free of charge.


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