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Azure Database Services

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Exam Domains


Amazon Web Services began its Global Certification Program in 2013 with the primary purpose of validating the technical skills and knowledge of IT Professionals in building secure and reliable cloud-based applications using the AWS Cloud. On April 2013, AWS launched its first-ever AWS Certification test called the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. This was followed by the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator and AWS Certified Developer Associate exams. Amazon has been continuously expanding and updating its certification program year after year. They launched a series of Professional and Specialty-level certifications that cover various topics like DevOps, machine learning, data analytics, advanced [...]

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Exam Domains2023-03-20T01:17:02+00:00

Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL


Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet PaaS relational database services Mitigate database downtime with high availability, redundancy, and resiliency capabilities. Enables you to scale vertically when needed. Receive alerts based on the metrics of your servers. Protect sensitive data at rest and in transit. Automated backups, up to 35 days. PostgreSQL deployment options: Single Server and Hyperscale (Citus) Single server pricing tiers: Basic, General Purpose, and Memory Optimized. Basic - light compute and I/O performance workloads. General Purpose - a balanced compute and memory with scalable I/O throughput workloads. Memory Optimized - for high performance database workloads requiring [...]

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Azure Cosmos DB


Bookmarks Features Consistency Levels Security Pricing Technical Overview and Unique Features of Azure Cosmos DB Validate Your Knowledge Azure Cosmos DB Cheat Sheet Globally distributed database that supports NoSQL. A fully-managed database service with turnkey global distribution and transparent multi-master replication. Features Cosmos DB offers encryption at rest. It replicates every partition across all the regions. CosmosDB offers single-digit millisecond reads and writes in all regions. Supports automatic failover during a regional outage. Consistency Levels: Strong, Bounded Staleness, Session, Consistent Prefix, and Eventual You can set either standard (manual) or autoscale provisioned throughput on [...]

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Azure Database Migration Service


Azure Database Migration Service Cheat Sheet  Accelerates the migration of your data to Azure. Enables seamless migrations from multiple database sources. To perform an online migration, you need to create an instance based on the premium pricing tier. Features Migrates your database and server objects with minimal downtime. Supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle migration to Azure from on-premises and other cloud providers. You can use DMS for both operational database and data warehouse migrations. Automate the migration of data with Azure PowerShell. Use Azure Migrate to discover your on-premises data estate and assess migration readiness. You [...]

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Azure SQL


Bookmarks Monitoring Networking Security Pricing Validate Your Knowledge Azure SQL Cheat Sheet A fully managed database built upon the SQL Server engine. SLA durability up to 99.995%. SQL Databases Resource type: Single Database - offers serverless and hyperscale storage (up to 100TB). Elastic Pool - a collection of databases with a shared set of resources. Database Server - manage groups of single databases and elastic pools. SQL Managed Instances are for migrations "lift-and-shift" to the cloud. The features of both SQL Server database engine and Azure SQL are available in SQL Managed [...]

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