React JS Overview and Environment Setup


React JS, created and maintained by Facebook, is an open source front end Javascript Library for building user interfaces and is licensed under BSD. React uses some features of the recent version of Javascript, ES6 and uses Babel to transpile it. “React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library...”, as stated from the github page of Facebook. It is declarative, in a way that it makes your code easy to predict, understandable, and easy to debug. Efficient, as it is a powerful, javascript library. One example of its extremity is, it only renders a certain part of the DOM, makes [...]

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Next.JS – Who’s NEXT?


Another emerging JavaScript framework is now on version 2.0. Have you ever wondered if you can create a simple web application without worrying about the things you need to learn  like routing, layouts and many other concepts that are essential in building applications? Well, NEXT.JS is an opensource JavaScript framework that allows you to do so without dwelling so much on routing concepts and does server side rendering by default. This framework simplifies a developer's task by giving existing decisions. This lightweight framework is made using JavaScript and React. This new version 2.0 is more advanced than their 1.0 version which [...]

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