AWS Cheat Sheets – Comparison of AWS Services and Concepts

In this section, we will compare seemingly similar services and concepts, and highlight their main differences to help you gain a better understanding of these topics. The AWS certification exams are now composed of very tricky and complex scenario questions and going through this section can help you tackle these confusing questions with more confidence. Do note that not every cheat sheet here will be applicable to each AWS certification exam so it’s best to also refer to our study guides when reviewing.

Lastly, we also recommend that you answer as many AWS practice test questions as you can to further increase your chances of passing the exam.

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S3 vs EBS vs EFS
S3 vs Glacier
S3 Standard vs S3 Standard-IA vs S3 One Zone-IA
RDS vs DynamoDB
CloudTrail vs CloudWatch
Security Group vs NACL
CloudWatch Agent vs SSM Agent vs Custom Daemon Scripts
Amazon SWF vs AWS Step Functions vs Amazon SQS
Service Control Policies vs IAM Policies
EC2 Container Service (ECS) vs Lambda
Redis Append-Only Files vs Redis Replication
SNI Custom SSL vs Dedicated IP Custom SSL
Redis (cluster mode enabled vs disabled) vs Memcached