AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional by DolfinEd

This course is the ultimate preparation guide for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate Exam SAP-C012019 version.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam is considered to be the toughest one amongst all Amazon Web Services certificates to date.

Why become AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional?

Despite the wealth of knowledge in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, that certificate does not really challenge the candidate’s ability to build scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, secure, monitored and automated solutions. However, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, on the other hand, tests these skills in depth. Basically, it is the AWS Architect knowledge in action. For anyone who started a career in AWS, this is a must have certificate at some point in time, for the following reasons:

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a) It will deepen your understanding of AWS services, how they work together in sound architectures.

b) It will sharpen the architect skills having you think from different angles, and consider many things in your architecture.

c) It will also getting you to the next level in your AWS architect career.

d) It will alleviate your AWS profile away from the masses certified at the associate level, hence, lesser competition.

Why this course – Advantages over ANY other available CSA Professional courses?

•The course has a well defined Study plan for best results, included at the beginning of the course.

• Certified Solutions Architect Associate KnowledgeAssessment (77Qs,170mts,CSAProexamformat), at the course start to identify any


• Critical Certified Solutions Architect Associate Reviews embedded within the lectures.

• The course has all the required Theory, Use cases, and Quizzes to assess knowledge and ensure deep understanding

• Scenario based question tutorials, learn the art of reading, analyzing, answering and ACE’ing this AWS exam

• All recommended Whitepapers’ knowledge all blended in the course content, no need to spend time on them.

Simply the best, most comprehensive, and optimum/logical flow that builds on the knowledge gained from CSA Associate, and end up preparing you to the best possible to ACE the exam.

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Who this course is for:
  • Everyone with AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) Associate knowledge aiming at completing the AWS CSA Professional exam
  • Everyone who tried other means to prepare for this exam and still lacks the right level of confidence to sit for the AWS CSA Professional exam
  • Everyone willing to dive deeper into building Scalable, Security, Fault Tolerant, Cost Effective, Easy to deploy and manage Architectures and Solutions on AWS

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