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S3 Standard vs S3 Standard-IA vs S3 One Zone-IA vs S3 Intelligent Tiering


  Additional Notes: Data stored in the S3 One Zone-IA storage class will be lost in the event of AZ destruction. S3 Standard-IA costs less than S3 Standard in terms of storage price, while still providing the same high durability, throughput, and low latency of S3 Standard. S3 One Zone-IA has 20% less cost than Standard-IA. It is recommended to use multipart upload for objects larger than 100MB.

S3 Standard vs S3 Standard-IA vs S3 One Zone-IA vs S3 Intelligent Tiering2021-05-06T09:45:50+00:00

Amazon S3 vs Glacier


Amazon S3 is a durable, secure, simple, and fast storage service, while Amazon S3 Glacier is used for archiving solutions. Use S3 if you need low latency or frequent access to your data. Use S3 Glacier for low storage cost, and you do not require millisecond access to your data. You have three retrieval options when it comes to Glacier, each varying in the cost and speed it retrieves an object for you. You retrieve data in milliseconds from S3. Both S3 and Glacier are designed for durability of 99.999999999% of objects across multiple Availability Zones. S3 and Glacier are [...]

Amazon S3 vs Glacier2021-04-27T02:09:44+00:00

Amazon S3 vs EBS vs EFS


S3 EBS EFS Type of storage Object storage. You can store virtually any kind of data in any format. Persistent block level storage for EC2 instances. POSIX-compliant file storage for EC2 instances. Features Accessible to anyone or any service with the right permissions Deliver performance for workloads that require the lowest-latency access to data from a single EC2 instance Has a file system interface, file system access semantics (such as strong consistency and file locking), and concurrently-accessible storage for multiple EC2 instances Max Storage Style  Virtually unlimited  16 TiB for one volume  Unlimited system size Max File Size Individual [...]

Amazon S3 vs EBS vs EFS2021-09-28T08:11:04+00:00

Amazon S3


Bookmarks Buckets Data Consistency Model Storage Classes S3 API Bucket Configurations Objects Pricing Networking Security Encryption Monitoring S3 Events Notification Amazon S3 Best Practices from AWS re:Invent Amazon S3 Related Cheat Sheets Validate Your Knowledge S3 stores data as objects within buckets. An object consists of a file and optionally any metadata that describes that file. A key is the unique identifier for an object within a bucket. Storage capacity is virtually unlimited. Buckets For each bucket, you can: Control access to [...]

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