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My DVA-C02 AWS Developer Associate Exam Experience


A few weeks ago, I took and passed the latest AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, DVA-C02. If you've already cleared DVA-C01 and intend to recertify, note that you can no longer book DVA-C01 exams. I suggest checking out this article I wrote a couple of months ago. This breaks down the changes you need to be aware of, and I’ve also shared my expectations for the DVA-C02 exam.  In this post, I'll be sharing my experience on the exam, discussing my thoughts on it, and providing tips and tricks that can hopefully help you get through it. Is DVA-C02 more [...]

My DVA-C02 AWS Developer Associate Exam Experience2023-03-31T03:26:35+00:00

Global Secondary Index vs Local Secondary Index


Bookmarks Global Secondary Index Local Secondary Index A secondary index is a data structure that contains a subset of attributes from a table, along with an alternate key to support Query operations. An Amazon DynamoDB table can have multiple secondary indexes. Global Secondary Index Read/Write Capacity Calculation (Provisioned Throughput Mode) Eventually consistent reads consume ½ read capacity unit. Therefore, each query can retrieve up to 8KB of data per capacity unit (4KB x 2). The maximum size of the results returned by a Query operation is 1 MB. The total provisioned throughput cost for a [...]

Global Secondary Index vs Local Secondary Index2023-02-15T09:38:16+00:00

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