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AWS Amplify


AWS Amplify Cheat Sheet AWS Amplify is a platform that simplifies building and deploying full-stack applications with pre-built UI components, hosting options, and easy integration with AWS services. It's flexible and scalable, making it easy to add new features and adapt to changing requirements. Amplify Services AWS Amplify offers two main services: Amplify Hosting and Amplify Studio      Amplify Hosting a fully managed CI/CD and hosting service for single-page applications (SPA), using AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront to deliver content to users around the world. Amplify takes care of managing servers, scaling the infrastructure, or configuring DNS settings for [...]

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Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)


Bookmarks Concepts Security Monitoring Pricing Amazon MSK Cheat Sheet A service that uses fully managed Apache Kafka to ingest and process streaming data in real-time. Concepts Configuration If you do not specify a custom MSK configuration, a default configuration will be assigned to a cluster. You can use the custom configuration to new or existing MSK clusters. MSK configurations allow you to specify the properties to be set as well as the values to be assigned to them. MSK Serverless A cluster type that enables you to run Apache Kafka without the need [...]

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Bookmarks Use Case Concepts Monitoring Pricing AWS CloudHSM Cheat Sheet A computing device that enables you to provision and manage your own single-tenant HSMs for the generation and use of encryption keys. A hardware security module (HSM) performs cryptographic operations and provides secure storage for cryptographic keys. You can perform the following cryptographic tasks: Generate, store, import, export, and manage cryptographic keys. Use symmetric and asymmetric algorithms to encrypt and decrypt your data. Compute message digests and hash-based message authentication codes using cryptographic hash functions. Cryptographically sign data and verify signatures. You can [...]

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AWS Lake Formation


Bookmarks How It Works Concepts Security Pricing AWS Lake Formation Cheat Sheet A service for managing and building data lakes. It stores and catalogs data from databases and object storage before transferring it to a new S3 data lake. You can also use ML algorithms to clean and classify data and secure access to sensitive data with granular controls at the column, row, and cell levels.  How It Works Identify existing data stores, such as S3 or databases, and move the data to your data lake.  The data is [...]

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Amazon AppFlow


Bookmarks Features Concepts Pricing Amazon AppFlow Cheat Sheet An integration service that automates data flows by securely integrating third-party applications and AWS services without writing any code. Features Run flows on-demand or on a schedule to keep data in sync across SaaS applications and AWS services. Aggregate data from multiple sources to train analytics tools more effectively and save money. Use flow management tools to track where and when data has moved. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Integrates with AWS PrivateLink to allow private data transfer over AWS rather than public [...]

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AWS Audit Manager


Bookmarks Features Concepts Monitoring Security Pricing AWS Audit Manager Cheat Sheet A service that will help you audit your AWS usage on a regular basis in order to simplify risk management and compliance with regulations and industry standards. Automates evidence collection for policies, procedures, and activities, as well as the creation of audit reports. Features Centrally manage and upload evidence from on-premises or multi-cloud environments.  View analytics data for active assessments on the Audit Manager dashboard and quickly identify non-compliant evidence that needs to be remedied. Creation of frameworks with standard or [...]

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AWS Network Firewall


Bookmarks Features Concepts Monitoring Pricing AWS Network Firewall Cheat Sheet A managed service that helps deploy network protections for Amazon VPCs. Provides fine-grained network traffic control that allows you to restrict outbound requests to prevent malicious activity from spreading. Import previously created rules in common open source rule formats and enable integrations with managed intelligence feeds from AWS partners. With AWS Firewall Manager, you can create policies based on AWS Network Firewall rules and then apply those policies centrally across your VPCs and accounts. Features Automatically scales firewall capacity up or down based [...]

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Getting Started with SageMaker Ground Truth Private Workforce


Before we begin, let’s quickly talk about what Amazon SageMaker is and what it is used for. If this is your first time learning about Amazon SageMaker, it is the machine learning platform of AWS that helps solve the different requirements of data scientists, developers, and machine learning practitioners.  It has several features and capabilities that assist in the different stages of the machine learning process. In this tutorial, we will focus on SageMaker Ground Truth and how it helps data science teams get access to clean labeled datasets.  When performing machine learning experiments, getting access to labeled datasets is [...]

Getting Started with SageMaker Ground Truth Private Workforce2023-02-10T06:58:33+00:00

AWS Transfer Family


Bookmarks Benefits How to delegate access Managing users Pricing AWS Transfer Family Cheat Sheet AWS Transfer Family is a secure transfer service for moving files into and out of AWS storage services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. With Transfer Family, you do not need to run or maintain any server infrastructure of your own. You can provision a Transfer Family server with multiple protocols (SFTP, FTPS, FTP).   Benefits Fully managed service and scales in real time. You don't need to modify your applications or run any file transfer protocol infrastructure. [...]

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Scalable Data Processing and Transformation using SageMaker Processing (Part 2 of 2)


In this 2-part tutorial, we will focus on SageMaker Processing and how we can use it to solve our data processing needs. Our overall goal is to demonstrate how to use SageMaker Processing to help us perform Min-Max scaling on a dataset in its own dedicated and easily scalable environment.  If you are looking for Part 1, you can find it here. As mentioned in Part I, we have divided this tutorial into 4 sections: [1] Synthetic Data Generation (found in PART I) [2] Using MinMaxScaler without the managed infrastructure support of SageMaker Processing (found in PART I) [3] Using [...]

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