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AWS DataSync


AWS DataSync An online data transfer service that simplifies, automates, and accelerates copying large amounts of data to and from AWS storage services over the internet or AWS Direct Connect.  DataSync can copy data between: Network File System (NFS) or Server Message Block (SMB) file servers,  Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets,  Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems,  Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems How It Works Deploy an agent - Deploy a DataSync agent and associate it to your AWS account via the Management Console or API. The agent will be used to access [...]

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AWS Secrets Manager


AWS Secrets Manager A secret management service that enables you to easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials, API keys, and other secrets throughout their lifecycle. Features AWS Secrets Manager encrypts secrets at rest using encryption keys that you own and store in AWS Key Management Service [customer managed keys]. When you retrieve a secret, Secrets Manager decrypts the secret and transmits it securely over TLS to your local environment. You can rotate secrets on a schedule or on demand by using the Secrets Manager console, AWS SDK, or AWS CLI. Secrets Manager natively supports rotating credentials for databases hosted [...]

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AWS CodeStar


AWS CodeStar A cloud‑based software development service that provides the tools you need to quickly develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS. CodeStar is commonly used along with CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline for a robust CI/CD toolchain. Features Each AWS CodeStar project comes with a project management dashboard, including an integrated issue tracking capability that uses Atlassian JIRA Software. With the project management dashboard, you have a unified user interface to monitor application activity, and track progress across all stages of your software development process, including code commits, builds, tests, and deployments. AWS CodeStar provides you a variety of [...]

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AWS CodeCommit


AWS CodeCommit A fully-managed source control service that hosts secure Git-based repositories, similar to Github. You can create your own code repository and use Git commands to interact with your own repository and other repositories. You can store and version any kind of file, including application assets such as images and libraries alongside your code. The AWS CodeCommit Console lets you visualize your code, pull requests, commits, branches, tags and other settings. Concepts An active user is any unique AWS identity (IAM user/role, federated user, or root account) that accesses AWS CodeCommit repositories during the month. AWS identities that are [...]

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AWS ParallelCluster


AWS ParallelCluster An AWS-supported open source cluster management tool for deploying and managing High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters on AWS. ParallelCluster uses a simple text file to model and provision all the resources needed for your HPC applications in an automated and secure manner. AWS ParallelCluster provisions a master instance for build and control, a cluster of compute instances, a shared filesystem, and a batch scheduler. You can also extend and customize your use cases using custom pre-install and post-install bootstrap actions. How It Works You have four supported schedulers to use along with ParallelCluster: SGE (Son of Grid Engine) [...]

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Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)


Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) An Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is a network device that you can attach to your Amazon EC2 instance to accelerate High Performance Computing (HPC) and machine learning applications. An EFA is an Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) with an additional OS-bypass functionality.  How It Works EFA integrates with  Libfabric 1.9.0 and it supports Open MPI 4.0.2 and Intel MPI 2019 Update 6 for HPC applications, and  Nvidia Collective Communications Library (NCCL) for machine learning applications. With an EFA, HPC applications use Intel Message Passing Interface (MPI) or Nvidia Collective Communications Library (NCCL) to interface with the Libfabric [...]

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Amazon GuardDuty


Amazon GuardDuty An intelligent threat detection service. It analyzes billions of events across your AWS accounts from AWS CloudTrail (AWS user and API activity in your accounts), Amazon VPC Flow Logs (network traffic data), and DNS Logs (name query patterns). How It Works GuardDuty is a regional service. Threat detection categories Reconnaissance -- Activity suggesting reconnaissance by an attacker, such as unusual API activity, intra-VPC port scanning, unusual patterns of failed login requests, or unblocked port probing from a known bad IP. Instance compromise -- Activity indicating an instance compromise, such as cryptocurrency mining, backdoor command and control activity, malware [...]

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Amazon FSx


Amazon FSx Amazon FSx is a fully managed third-party file system solution. It uses SSD storage to provide fast performance with low latency. There are two available FSx solutions available in AWS: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server A fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system with full support for the SMB protocol, Windows NTFS, and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration. How It Works Common Use Cases  File systems that is accessible by multiple users, and can establish permissions at the file or folder level. Application workloads that require shared file storage provided by Windows-based file systems (NTFS) and that [...]

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AWS Global Accelerator


AWS Global Accelerator A service that uses the AWS Global Network to improve availability and performance of your applications to your local and global users.  It provides static IP addresses that act as a fixed entry point to your application endpoints in a single or multiple AWS Regions, such as your Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers or Amazon EC2 instances. AWS Global Accelerator continually monitors the health of your application endpoints and will detect an unhealthy endpoint and redirect traffic to healthy endpoints in less than 1 minute. How It Works Concepts An accelerator is the resource you create [...]

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AWS Artifact


AWS Artifact A self-service central repository of AWS’ security and compliance reports and select online agreements. An audit artifact is a piece of evidence that demonstrates that an organization is following a documented process or meeting a specific requirement (business compliant).  AWS Artifact Reports include the following: ISO, Service Organization Control (SOC) reports,  Payment Card Industry (PCI) reports,  and certifications that validate the implementation and operating effectiveness of AWS security controls. AWS Artifacts Agreements include  the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)  the Business Associate Addendum (BAA), which typically is required for companies that are subject to the HIPAA Act to ensure that [...]

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