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Secure EC2 Instances Connections Leveraging Session Manager


As more workloads are being migrated to the cloud, security should always be a top priority. Some organizations fail to consider security and therefore paid the price of having their workloads compromised. For example, an EC2 instance that has its SSH inbound port open to the world, therefore, providing unrestricted access to attackers globally. Luckily, AWS has a service that allows you to connect to your EC2 instances without opening any inbound port, eliminating this particular security risk, and that is AWS Systems Manager Session Manager. Session Manager is a fully managed AWS Systems Manager capability. You can use an [...]

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AWS Systems Manager


Bookmarks Features Capabilities Monitoring Security Pricing Validate Your Knowledge AWS Systems Manager Cheat Sheet Allows you to centralize operational data from multiple AWS services and automate tasks across your AWS resources. Features Create logical groups of resources such as applications, different layers of an application stack, or production versus development environments. You can select a resource group and view its recent API activity, resource configuration changes, related notifications, operational alerts, software inventory, and patch compliance status. Collects information about your instances and the software installed on them. Allows you to safely [...]

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