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Whitelisting Access to Application Load Balancer Through The Use of AWS WAF


Load balancing an application is a common approach to distributing traffic among multiple servers. It has a breadth of benefits that can optimize performance, including availability and responsiveness, as it spreads the workload from one server to another, preventing server overload. AWS has a wide variety of load balancer types. But one of the most commonly used for web servers is the Application Load Balancer (ALB), as it functions at the application layer, the seventh layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. After setting up an ALB, it is also essential to consider security as it’s one of the [...]

Whitelisting Access to Application Load Balancer Through The Use of AWS WAF2022-07-21T06:16:35+00:00

IP Blocking: Use AWS WAF or NACL?


What should you do if you identified a series of malicious attacks on your application coming from a specific IP address? Will you use AWS WAF to block that IP address or create a rule in your Network Access Control List to deny traffic from that IP? It is true that AWS WAF can filter web requests based on IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP body, or URI strings, to block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting. NACL, on the other hand, acts like a firewall for controlling traffic in and out of your subnets. If the [...]

IP Blocking: Use AWS WAF or NACL?2023-02-23T06:26:10+00:00



AWS WAF Cheat Sheet A web application firewall that helps protect web applications from attacks by allowing you to configure rules that allow, block, or monitor (count) web requests based on conditions that you define. These conditions include: IP addresses HTTP headers HTTP body URI strings SQL injection cross-site scripting. Features WAF lets you create rules to filter web traffic based on conditions that include IP addresses, HTTP headers and body, or custom URIs. You can also create rules that block common web exploits like SQL injection and cross site scripting. For application layer attacks, you can use WAF to [...]

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