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AWS Well-Architected Framework – Design Principles


Bookmarks Scalability Disposable Resources Instead of Fixed Servers Automation Loose Coupling Services Not Servers Databases Managing Increasing Volumes of Data Removing Single Points of Failure Optimize for Cost Caching Security Cloud Architecture Best Practices 1. Scalability Scaling Horizontally - an increase in the number of resources Scaling Vertically -  an increase in the specifications of an individual resource 2. Disposable Resources Instead of Fixed Servers Instantiating Compute Resources - automate setting up of new resources along with their configuration and code Infrastructure as Code - [...]

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AWS Well-Architected Framework – Six Pillars


Bookmarks Operational Excellence Security Reliability Performance Efficiency Cost Optimization Sustainability Having well-architected systems greatly increases the plausibility of business success which is why AWS created the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This framework is composed of six pillars that help you understand the pros and cons of decisions you make while building cloud architectures and systems on the AWS platform. You will learn the architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, efficient, cost-effective and secure systems in the cloud by using the framework. It also provides a way [...]

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