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Azure Serverless


Enables you to build applications without managing infrastructure. Azure Functions Enables you to run a small piece of code to do a task. A single task is performed for each invocation. Supported languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and PowerShell You can run your code based on the HTTP requests or schedule when your function runs. You are only charged for the time you run your code. Azure Logic Apps Allows you to automate your workflows without writing a single line of code. Build your workflow using a logic app designer. Components: Workflow helps you create a series of steps for [...]

Azure Serverless2021-02-23T05:12:07+00:00

Azure Machine Learning


A service to train, deploy, automate, manage, and track machine learning models. Azure ML offers Basic and Enterprise editions. You can use Azure ML SDK for Python, Azure ML Studio, and ML CLI to manage your deployed models. You can automate and accelerate the ML lifecycle using MLOps. Azure ML designer allows you to visually connect (drag-and-drop) datasets and modules without writing any code. ML pipelines provide a complete logical workflow and an ordered sequence of steps. AutoML uses the target metric you specify to train and tune a model. Azure Cognitive Services enables developers to build cognitive intelligent applications [...]

Azure Machine Learning2021-02-23T05:10:45+00:00

Azure Big Data


A service to store and process large amounts of data sets. Use Azure Data Lake Analytics to write queries that help you transform your data and extract valuable insights. Offers dynamic scaling and data parallelism. You can integrate Data Lake Analytics with Active Directory to manage users’ permissions. Create big data clusters for Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka with Azure HDInsight. Reduce costs by scaling your workloads up and down. Monitor all your clusters with Azure Monitor. Azure Databricks is based on Apache Spark capabilities that provide an interactive workspace and streamlined workflows. Enables you to read data from multiple sources [...]

Azure Big Data2021-02-23T05:09:02+00:00

Azure Internet of Things (IoT)


Bookmarks Azure IoT Hub Azure IoT Central Azure Sphere Azure IoT Products Validate Your Knowledge A service that allows you to connect, monitor, and control one or more IoT devices that can communicate with back-end services hosted in the cloud. Azure IoT Hub A PaaS solution that provides complete control over the collection and processing of IoT data. To create a complete end-to-end solution, you can integrate the IoT Hub with other Azure services. Azure Event Grid Azure Logic Apps Azure Machine Learning Azure Stream Analytics  Message routing integration automatically helps you [...]

Azure Internet of Things (IoT)2022-10-06T05:01:16+00:00

Azure Compliance Manager


A dashboard and monitoring tool that summarizes data protection, compliance score, and recommendations. It allows you to assign, track, and record compliance and assessment-related activities. Recommendations for industry regulations: GDPR, ISO, and NIST You can upload and manage artifacts or evidence in a secure repository. Want to learn more about Azure? Watch the official Microsoft Azure YouTube channel's video series called Azure Tips and Tricks. Sources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cloud-adoption-framework/govern/policy-compliance/regulatory-compliance https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/meet-data-protection-and-regulatory-reqs-using-microsoft-cloud

Azure Compliance Manager2021-02-23T05:02:39+00:00

Microsoft Sentinel


A cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution. It offers a birds-eye view across your enterprise. Sentinel is an intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence service that provides alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. Data connection methods in Sentinel: Service to service integration, External solutions via API, and External solutions via an agent. Microsoft Sentinel roles: Reader, Responder, and Contributor. Threat Management Sentinel provides the following features: Collect, Detect, Investigate, and Respond. Quickly gain insights across your data with Azure Sentinel Workbooks. Investigate and resolve possible threats with incidents (groups of related alerts). You can automate tasks and simplify [...]

Microsoft Sentinel2022-02-07T09:09:12+00:00

Azure Database Migration Service


Accelerates the migration of your data to Azure. Enables seamless migrations from multiple database sources. To perform an online migration, you need to create an instance based on the premium pricing tier. Features Migrates your database and server objects with minimal downtime. Supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle migration to Azure from on-premises and other cloud providers. You can use DMS for both operational database and data warehouse migrations. Automate the migration of data with Azure PowerShell. Use Azure Migrate to discover your on-premises data estate and assess migration readiness. You can create up to 2 DMS [...]

Azure Database Migration Service2021-02-22T08:46:36+00:00

Azure SQL


Bookmarks Monitoring Networking Security Pricing Validate Your Knowledge A fully managed database built upon the SQL Server engine. SLA durability up to 99.995%. SQL Databases Resource type: Single Database - offers serverless and hyperscale storage (up to 100TB). Elastic Pool - a collection of databases with a shared set of resources. Database Server - manage groups of single databases and elastic pools. SQL Managed Instances are for migrations "lift-and-shift" to the cloud. The features of both SQL Server database engine and Azure SQL are available in SQL Managed Instance.  PaaS benefits - [...]

Azure SQL2021-05-19T02:23:57+00:00

Azure Traffic Manager


A DNS-based traffic load balancer. Improves the responsiveness of your applications by sending the request to the closest endpoint. It offers a range of traffic-routing methods and endpoint monitoring options. Features It is resilient to failure. You can obtain actionable insights about your users using a traffic view. Improve the availability of your applications by using traffic manager health checks. Offers automatic failover when an endpoint goes down. Traffic Manager endpoints: Azure, External, and Nested Combine multiple traffic-routing methods using nested traffic manager profiles. Routing Methods Priority - allows you to set a primary endpoint for all traffic. Weighted - [...]

Azure Traffic Manager2021-02-22T08:59:17+00:00

Azure Content Delivery Network


Bookmarks Features How Caching Works Pricing Limits A distributed network of servers that delivers web content closer to users. CDNs store cache content on edge servers to minimize end-user latency. Features Improves the performance of dynamic web pages using dynamic site acceleration. You can set two types of caching rules in Azure CDN: Global caching rule - overrides any HTTP cache-directive headers. Custom caching rule - you can set a rule to match specific paths and file extensions. Types of origin: Storage Storage Static website Cloud service Web App Custom Origin Enable HTTPS [...]

Azure Content Delivery Network2021-05-18T07:12:13+00:00

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