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Azure Blob vs Disk vs File Storage


Blob Storage Disk Storage File Storage Type of storage Object storage to store all types of data formats. Block storage for virtual machines. File system across multiple machines. Max Storage Size Same as maximum storage account capacity 65,536 GiB for ultra disk 32,767 GiB for standard and premium drives Scale up to 100 TiB Max File Size 190.7 TiB for block blob 195 GiB for append blob 8 TiB for page blob Equivalent to the maximum size of your volumes 4 TiB for a single file Performance (Throughput) 500 requests per second for a single blob Up to 2000 [...]

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Azure Files


Bookmarks Features Storage Tiers Supported Devices Encryption Networking Azure File Sync Validate Your Knowledge Azure Files Cheat Sheet Offers fully managed cloud-based file storage that can be accessed through the industry-standard server message block (SMB) protocol. Features Mount your Azure File share from Windows, Linux, or macOS. Azure File Sync enables you to access your data from SMB, REST, or even on-premises. Encrypt data at rest and in transit using SMB 3.0 and HTTPS. Lift and shift applications to the cloud, where the application data is moved to Azure Files, [...]

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