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Azure Virtual Machine vs Web App


Azure Virtual Machine Azure Web App Description Infrastructure as a service, if you need to have full control over your computing environment. Platform as a service, it allows you to integrate the app without managing the underlying infrastructure. Deploy Uses an OS image. Uses a runtime stack. State Management Stateful or stateless Stateless Autoscaling You need to use VM scale sets to support autoscaling in virtual machines. Autoscaling is a built-in service in App Service. Scale Limit 1000 nodes per scale set for platform image and 600 nodes per scale set for custom image 20 instances and 100 with [...]

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Azure Virtual Machines


Bookmarks Features VM Status Disks Dedicated Host Pricing Backup and Recovery Concepts Scale Sets Monitoring Network Security Azure Scale Set vs Availability Set How to Create a Virtual Machine in Azure Validate Your Knowledge Azure Virtual Machines Cheat Sheet Linux-based and Windows-based virtual machines Features Server environments are called virtual machines. A package OS and additional installations in a reusable template are called VM Images. Supports various configurations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity for your virtual machines, known as virtual machine [...]

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