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AWS License Manager


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Security Pricing A service for centrally managing software licenses across AWS and on-premises environments. It gives you control and visibility into license usage, allowing you to limit licensing overages and reduce the risk of noncompliance and misreporting. Supports a variety of licensing models: Perpetual - lifetime license with no expiration date. Floating - shareable licenses. Subscription - license with expiration date. Usage-based - license with specific terms based on usage. Concepts License configurations Contains licensing rules based on enterprise agreements. It consists of parameters and rules that change depending on [...]

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AWS Proton


Bookmarks Concepts Monitoring Pricing A managed delivery service for deploying container and serverless applications. Uses templates to define and maintain standard application stacks, which include the architecture, infrastructure resources, and the CI/CD pipeline. Concepts Templates Manage and provision resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Environment Template - a shared infrastructure used by multiple applications or resources. Standard Environment Template - AWS Proton provisions infrastructure for your environment. Customer-managed Environment Template - provision your own shared resources. Service Template - the infrastructure required in a particular environment to deploy and manage a single application or [...]

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Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus


Bookmarks Features Concepts Pricing A managed monitoring service for container environments. You can monitor and alert on the performance of containerized workloads using the open-source PromQL without having to scale or manage the underlying infrastructure. Automatically scale the ingestion, storage, alerting, and querying of operational metrics as workload increases. Integrated with Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry. Features With Prometheus query language (PromQL), you can easily obtain performance visibility using a filter, aggregate, and alarm on metrics. Supports multi-AZ replication within an AWS Region. Collect and query metrics from container clusters [...]

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide Study Path CLF-C01


Bookmarks What to review How to review Common Exam Scenarios Validate Your Knowledge What to expect from the exam The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam or AWS CCP is the easiest to achieve among all the AWS certification exams. This certification covers most, if not all, fundamental knowledge that one should know when venturing into the Cloud. The AWS CCP course intends to provide practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the AWS Cloud without having to dive deep into the technicalities. This includes the AWS Global Infrastructure, best practices in using [...]

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