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Build Your Own Slack Commands with Lambda Function URL


What are Lambda Function URLs? In the past, calling a Lambda function over HTTP required a lot of setup and configuration with API Gateway. The process of setting up API resources and methods, and linking them to the appropriate Lambda function, can be overwhelming, especially for developers who are new to it. With the function URL feature of the AWS Lambda service, you can create a secure HTTPS endpoint dedicated to a Lambda function. This means that instead of using an intermediary service (like Amazon API Gateway), you can directly invoke your function by simply sending an HTTP request to [...]

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AWS Lambda


Bookmarks Components of a Lambda Application Lambda Functions Invoking Functions Event Source Mapping Deploying Codes with External Dependencies Concurrency Management Lambda Function URL Configuring a Lambda Function to Access Resources in a VPC Lambda@Edge Pricing Validate Your Knowledge AWS Lambda Cheat Sheet A serverless compute service. Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically. Lambda functions are stateless - no affinity to the underlying infrastructure. You choose the amount of memory you want to allocate to your functions and AWS Lambda allocates proportional CPU [...]

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