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Google Cloud Deployment Manager


Google Cloud Deployment Manager is an infrastructure deployment service that automates the creation and management of Google Cloud resources. Features You can write template and configuration files and utilize them to create deployments that have a variety of Google Cloud services working together, such as: Cloud Storage Compute Engine Cloud SQL A configuration defines the structure of your deployment. You must specify a configuration on a YAML file to create a deployment. It contains the following: type and properties of the resources that are part of the deployment any templates the configuration should use additional subfiles that can be executed [...]

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Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)


Bookmarks Features Roles Service Accounts Policy Groups Best Practices Validate Your Knowledge Google Cloud IAM Cheat Sheet Create and manage permissions for your Google Cloud resources with Identity Access Management (IAM). Provides a unified view into your organization’s security policy with built-in auditing to ease compliance purposes. Features Lets you authorize who can take specific actions on resources to give you full control and visibility on your Google Cloud services centrally. Permissions are represented in the form of service.resource.verb Can map job functions into groups and roles. With IAM, users only [...]

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