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What is Cloud Computing?


The first time you hear the term Cloud Computing, you probably have asked yourself these questions: “What exactly is the Cloud in Cloud Computing?” and “Why do so many companies use it?” Basically, cloud computing is an on-demand computing service that you can avail over the Internet to host and run your applications. The “cloud” in cloud computing simply refers to the underlying network or servers that run your web applications, database, and many others. Of course, the term “cloud” does not allude to that white, puffy, and cotton-looking thing in the sky. The physical servers are not hovering above [...]

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10 Common Use Cases of Cloud Computing


In the previous post, we gave you a few compelling reasons why you should learn cloud computing. In this section, we'll share with you the 10 most common use cases of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a powerful way of quickly building I.T infrastructures that can scale at any time. Large businesses and corporations have started moving their operations into the cloud as early as a decade ago. And most of them have attributed their success to their reliance on cloud services. You might be unaware of this, but the cloud powers most of the applications that you are probably [...]

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