Go from Zero to Hero with Angular 2 plus Bootstrap 4 and TypeScript!

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What Will I Learn?

  • Be a top-notch, highly paid developer with Angular 2 skill on your belt!
  • Setup your local workspace and install much-needed tools for Angular 2 development
  • Learn to create Angular 2 applications with Plunker, Angular-CLI and other different ways
  • Understand and Master the core concepts of Angular 2
  • Build Angular 2 application much faster and more robust
  • Integrate Bootstrap 4 UI in our Angular 2 application
  • Properly use Directives, Components, Services, Routing and many more
  • Learn the basics of TypeScript
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Course Curriculum

  • 4.5 hours consisting of 70 lectures on the basics of Angular 2 including setup requirements i.e. Angular-CLI, NodeJS, Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Angular 2 core concepts: Components, Directives (including Built-in Directives), Routes, Services, and Pipes
  • Introduction to Typescript
  • Introduction to Bootstrap 4
  • Forms
  • Building a CRUD Application
  • Testing and Deployment


  • You DON’T need a prior knowledge of AngularJS to take this course!
  • Basic HTML knowledge

Course Description

Angular 2 is the latest development framework from Google that was just released on September 2016. Even though it is new, it is already a sought-after (& highly paid) skill for building scalable, robust and modern cross-platform applications.

$100,000 is the average annual salary for talented software developers here and you can earn as much as $800 or even $1,000 gross per day if you are on a contract rate basis, and by learning Angular 2, your chance of having this kind of salary gets much higher!

For Front-End or for Full-stack developers, this course is a must for you to take your career and pay grade, on to the next level! This is also beneficial for Project Managers, Computer Science students, Recruiters or anyone who wants to know and learn the latest technology right now in the ever evolving world of technology.

In Ultimate Angular 2 with Bootstrap 4 & TypeScript course, Jon will take you on a pragmatic, hands-on and fun learning journey to Angular 2.

Within minutes, you’ll learn how to create Angular 2 applications! We will discuss the basics of the framework and guide you to setup your local development workspace. From properly creating Directives, Components, Services and Routing to actually integrating them to build your application. With Angular CLI, I’ll show you how to automate your development process. You will also learn the basics of TypeScript and how to use Bootstrap 4!

About the Instructor

  • 4.6 Average Rating
  • 1,442 Reviews
  • 11,070 Students

Jon is a Full Stack software developer based in Sydney, Australia, with over a decade of diversified experience in Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Healthcare industries. He is currently working at Macquarie Bank, the largest investment bank in Australia, and was also employed to top tech and finance companies such as HP, Accenture, Telstra and Credit Agricole CIB to name a few.

On the side, he is also doing freelance jobs on web development and mobile apps for various clients.

Course Reviews

Agradeep Khanra: 

“This is a great starter course for Angular 2.

I love how nice the lectures are segmented in to logical sections. For e.g., if you want the videos on how to create and use Components, there are two separate videos for each aspect. First is dedicated to understanding how to create a new Component. And the second focuses on integrating the new component with the app. The course follows the similar pattern for other concepts as well, and makes it really easy.

Also, the use of all the latest technologies really adds value to this course. You will learn a lot of the latest features of ES6 and TypeScript along with using the all new Boostrap 4 for Angular 2.

Overall, really well structured and excellent course. Thanks Jon, and keep up the great work!”

Jim McQuarrie:

“Very good course, straight to the point without all the fluff! Best course to date for me as I am getting what I need to start building apps without having to go through countless hours of theory or programming on Plunkr like many other course do. Jon really goes through what you need and several ways to do it.

Now we need Jon to do the same with a course on NodeJS and FullStack development with ng2, Node and Mongo :)”

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