BREAKING NEWS: You can now take ALL AWS Certification Exams At Home!

The AWS Certification team is now offering extended support to IT Professionals who need additional time to reschedule their AWS exams. This is in response to recent wave of temporary testing center closures around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone can now take all AWS Certification exams at the comfort of their home or office with Pearson Vue via online proctoring. Previously, you can only take the actual AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) exam online but now, you can take all of the available AWS certifications from the Associate-level, Professional-level and Specialty-level exams.  This option is not yet available with PSI but you can take the online exam for the official AWS practice tests instead. Take note that there is a significant wait time for online-proctored appointments due to expected high demand across the globe.

To view the official AWS statement, check out this page: 

Before you book your AWS exam online with Pearson Vue, you must do a system check of your computer or laptop first. Here’s the direct link for the system check for your convenience:

AWS Online Exam

AWS Online Exam


Once again, this option is only available with Pearson Vue. Ensure that you select “At a home or office” in your exam delivery options as shown below:


AWS Exam Take From Home

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Lastly, if you have already had the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate or have passed any AWS exam, make sure that you avail the FREE Practice Exam Voucher as well as the 50% Exam Discount Benefit! Here are the steps on how you can avail this:

Stay safe everyone and let’s continue to be productive amidst this pandemic!

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