Released – AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Practice Exams PLUS the Tutorials Dojo Practice Test Portal is Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce the release of our 6th AWS practice test course – the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Practice Exams.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Practice Exams Tutorials Dojo

It contains a total of 150 high-quality questions with complete explanations on correct and incorrect answers, visual images and diagrams, YouTube videos as needed, and also contains reference links to official AWS documentation as well as our cheat sheets and study guides.

Through this link, you can get it at a super low price for 5 days only:

After 5 days, you can still get it at a discounted price for 30 days via this link:

DevOps explanation screenshot

We could have released this before the Black Friday sale but we wanted to ensure that each and every question in our practice tests have detailed explanations, are of top-notch quality and representative of the actual DevOps Pro exam.

PLUS: Early next year, we will be releasing our very own practice test platform on the Tutorials Dojo website which will have more study modes than what Udemy can currently offer including the ability to:

  1. Review the answers after each question without the need to finish the timed exam and go to the answer key.
  2. Retake only the questions that were answered incorrectly to help you better retain the concepts and improve on your weak areas.
  3. Take questions on specific domains/topics only i.e. Section-based tests.

and so much more! Here is a sneak peek of what we are currently working on:

Tutorials Dojo Portal Sneak Peek

After constantly requesting for these much-needed features, we have waited for almost a year for Udemy to develop these but to no avail. We are therefore taking the initiative to provide you with a better learning experience on our own site. 🙂

Also, because we wanted to release the Tutorials Dojo practice test portal by Quarter 1 of next year, we will have to delay the release of our AWS specialty practice tests to Quarter 2 of 2020. Apologies if we are unable to release our Security specialty practice exams by next month as previously announced.

Rest assured that by having our own practice test portal first, our valued customers will have a wider range of options by the time we are ready to expand our course offerings by having the ability to bundle courses and offer them at better prices. 🙂

Lastly, keep the momentum going and give your resume a further boost by acquiring more AWS certifications. Check out our other AWS practice test courses:

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Happy learning everyone!

P.S. Once again, if you get the course using the link above, 10% of the profit we’ll earn will go to all the charity organizations that my wife and I are currently supporting.
Your Learning Partners,
Jon Bonso and Tutorials Dojo Team

Tutorials Dojo portal

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