SAA-C02 New AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 Exam Materials

Are you planning to take your SAA-C02 (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate) exam soon? In this article, we have compiled a list of helpful SAA-C02 exam prep materials that you can use to help you pass and even ace the exam.

What’s this new SAA-C02 exam all about?

The popular AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam SAA-C02 is intended for IT Professionals who perform a solutions architect or DevOps role and have substantial years of hands-on experience designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

This year, a new version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam ( SAA-C02 ) will be available to take on and after March 23, 2020. Take note that the current AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate exam (SAA-C01) will be available through March 22, 2020 only. After this period, you can only take the SAA-C02 exam.

Learn more about the change here:

pass your saa-c02

Top 5 Exam Prep Resources for SAA-C02 exam:

1. The official AWS SAA-C02 Certification Exam page:

First and foremost, the official AWS certification page for the Solutions Architect Associate is where you should always begin. It contains the relevant links to the official Exam Guides and official Sample Questions. It also has a link to the official Exam Prep page that you can check out. Ultimately, it has a direct link for you to schedule your AWS exam:

pass your saa-c02

2. The official SAA-C02 AWS Exam Guide

There are only 4 domains in the new version, compared with the current version which has 5 domains. The new version doesn’t have the  domain anymore.

The 2 biggest exam domains are the  andYou should focus on studying the topics that are related to these two domains. The official AWS Exam Guide is a helpful tool for you to learn all of this:

pass your saa-c02

3. The official SAA-C02 AWS Sample Questions

Tutorials dojo strip

This contains 10 practice questions about the SAA-C02 exam with a page that shows the respective answers.

pass your saa-c02

4. The official AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Architect PDF

This PDF contains a lot of relevant resources that you can use. I highly recommend that you take the free digital course and the list of recommended white papers

pass your saa-c02

For your convenience, I listed down the free digital courses that you can take as part of your exam prep:

5. Tutorials Dojo SAA-C02 Study Guide:

Before you book the exam, make sure that you fully understand all of the relevant topics. You can use our bestselling AWS Practice Tests in the Tutorials Dojo Portal to validate your knowledge. This will help you determine your weak areas as well and improve your understanding of AWS.

pass your saa-c02


Aside from our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams, you can also opt to get our SAA Exam Study Guide and Cheat Sheets eBook in the Tutorials Dojo portal.

We have added new topics for the new SAA-C02 exam version and we will continue to update our content strategically in order to cover any new topics in the new exam version. You can also have a lot of learning mode options to choose from like Timed-mode, Review-mode (show the answer immediately), Final Test-mode and Section-Based mode. We also added a flashcards section for your last-minute review!

AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon FSx for Lustre, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), HPC and many other new topics related to SAA-C02 were already incorporated in our practice tests.

We also offer discounted prices for our courses. Check out our Promo page for more info

Pass your SAA-C02

If you are looking for a high-quality video course to prepare for your SAA-C02 exam, I recommend Adrian Cantrill’s course. He was an instructor at the popular cloud-training providers (Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru) before, so you can be sure that his materials are top-notch!

Pass your SAA-C02

New AWS Services that you should prepare for:

If you are already preparing for the new exam version (SAA-C02), you should also know the following services:

pass your saa-c02

pass your saa-c02

pass your saa-c02

pass your saa-c02

Additional links to the new SAA-C02 topics:

All the best and have fun learning at the (TutorialsDojo!

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