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Using Amazon Route 53 Resolver


In the previous blog post, we talked about Split-view DNS using Amazon Route 53, in which the DNS server gives out a different response to the same DNS query based on where the query came from. This is helpful if you are in a hybrid environment when you want an internal application to resolve a domain from a private hosted zone and external applications to resolve from a public hosted zone in Route 53. In hybrid environments, configuring Amazon Route 53 hosted zones can be tricky. Your VPC and on-premises resources may need to resolve DNS names hosted on the [...]

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Amazon Route 53


Bookmarks Key Features Domain Registration Routing Internet Traffic to your Website or Web Application Route 53 Health Checks Know the Following Concepts Routing Policies Hosted Zones Records Supported DNS Record Types DNS Domain Name Format Using Traffic Flow to Route DNS Traffic Route 53 Resolvers Route 53 Health Checks and DNS Failover Authentication and Access Control Monitoring Pricing Validate Your Knowledge Amazon Route 53 Cheat Sheet A highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service used for domain [...]

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