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What is Grafana?


What is Grafana? Grafana is an open-source analytics and interactive visualization web app. When connected to supported data sources, it displays charts, graphs, and alerts on the web. The product is described as a "complete observability stack,” which includes everything you need to interact with your data.   How It Works To visualize and analyze data in a dashboard, you’ll need to set up the following: Server - produces the data that you want to visualize. Data Source - a connection set up to a database from a server. Grafana - queries the data source for information to display in [...]

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Amazon Managed Grafana


Bookmarks Components Security Pricing What is Amazon Managed Grafana? A data visualization service for querying, correlating, and visualizing operational metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources. Create dashboards and visualizations to analyze metrics, logs, and traces without having to build, package, or deploy Grafana servers. All logical Grafana server deployment, setup, scaling, and maintenance are handled by AWS. Integrated with the following AWS data sources: Amazon CloudWatch Amazon OpenSearch Service AWS X-Ray AWS IoT SiteWise Amazon Timestream Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus Amazon Managed Grafana Components Workspaces A logically isolated Grafana server. User authentication [...]

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