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Interface Endpoint vs Gateway Endpoint vs Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint


Interface Endpoint Gateway Endpoint Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint An elastic network interface with a private IP address that serves as an entry point for traffic destined to a supported AWS service, endpoint service, or AWS Marketplace service. For each interface endpoint, you can choose only one subnet per Availability Zone. Endpoints are regional, which means they are only usable within the same region they are created in. Since interface endpoints use ENIs, they also use security groups to control traffic. Can be accessed through AWS VPN connections or AWS Direct Connect connections, through intra-region VPC peering connections from Nitro instances, [...]

Interface Endpoint vs Gateway Endpoint vs Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint2021-08-31T08:24:23+00:00

Longest Prefix Match: Understanding Advanced Concepts in VPC Peering


VPC Peering Basics In AWS, a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering connection is a networking connection between two VPCs which allows you to route specific traffic between them using either private IPv4 addresses or IPv6 addresses. A VPC peering connection can be created between your own VPCs, or alternatively, a VPC in another AWS account. You can also create an inter-region VPC peering connection where the VPCs are located in different AWS Regions. Amazon EC2 Instances in either VPC can communicate with each other freely as if they are within the same network. One example of VPC Peering is the [...]

Longest Prefix Match: Understanding Advanced Concepts in VPC Peering2021-05-03T13:34:47+00:00

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