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What Is The AWS Community Builders Program And How To Apply

Are you passionate about creating technical content like blog posts, videos, etc., especially in Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Ever heard of AWS Community Builders Program? You might be interested in becoming an AWS Community Builder.

What is the AWS Community Builders Program and How to Apply

In this article, we will discuss what AWS Community Builders Program is about, its benefits, and how to apply to become an AWS Community Builder.

So what is AWS Community Builders Program?

AWS Community Builders Program is an initiative by AWS that aims to encourage technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders to share knowledge and connect to the technical community by providing education, networking opportunities, and technical resources.

AWS Subject Matter Experts will offer informative webinars and share thoughts and insights about like information about the latest AWS services. It also includes best practices for writing technical content, increasing its reach, and sharing AWS knowledge either online or in-person communities.

So what are some of the benefits of joining the AWS Community Builders Program?

What is the AWS Community Builders Program and How to Apply

  • Connecting with others

    • You can connect to other builders, help each other, and learn more on your journey as a builder. It is a safe place to ask questions and solve each other’s technical challenges.

  • Community sessions & briefings

    • AWS provides regular community sessions to help you build up your technical perspective with product overviews and deep dives and your skills as a writer, presenter, and speaker.

  • Tutorials dojo strip
  • Certification exam vouchers

    • You will receive a Foundational, Associate, or Professional/Specialty AWS exam voucher to help you get certified for free.

  • Swag welcome kit

    • Each AWS Community Builder will get an exclusive welcome kit that differs every time you get approved for another year.

  • AWS credit

    • You will also get an AWS credit to help you learn, explore, and grow by trying AWS services. It will help you write technical content for AWS services that are not free.

  • Free one-year subscription to Cloud Academy

    • You will get access to one of the leading global cloud learning platforms that provide learning resources to upskill.

  • Logos, wallpaper & assets

    • You will receive logos, wallpaper & assets that you can use in your social media.

  • Some surprises!

    • AWS Community Builders Program is also known to have fun and exciting benefits.

How do I apply to the AWS Community Builders Program?

AWS seeks any eager individual who is 18 or older that loves creating technical content that is AWS-focused. Its application process is open from all regions, demographics, and underrepresented communities, and all passionate individuals worldwide are encouraged to apply.

You can check this link to see the application form: https://aws.amazon.com/developer/community/community-builders/

What is the AWS Community Builders Program and How to Apply

However, do note that AWS only reviews twice a year and only accepts registration in a specific period of the year. You can add your name to the waitlist when this occurs to get notified when the application is open.

During the application, AWS will require you to provide links to your blog posts, videos, open-source contributions, presentations, and online knowledge sharing. There is no specific criterion for being accepted into the program. Note that the links you provide must be publicly viewable to be valid.

So how long is the AWS Community Builders Program?

It’s an ongoing initiative that runs in one-year intervals for members. You will have a chance to renew if you still want to continue being an AWS Community Builder, or you can choose to exit if you feel the skills you gained are already sufficient. Part of the re-application process is to display examples of the contributions you created during the program.

Being an AWS Community Builder will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, showcase your talent, and build your personal branding to be recognized worldwide. AWS will include your name in the AWS Community Builders Directory:


What is the AWS Community Builders Program and How to Apply


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Written by: Amiel Palacol

Amiel is a Cloud and DevOps Engineer based in the Philippines. He has a solid hands-on experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and loves broadening his technical horizons in the cloud. An AWS Community Builder who currently holds 6 AWS Certifications. He is also Microsoft and Oracle certified. Outside tech, he loves coffee, games, and music.

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