AWS Migration Hub

What is AWS Migration Hub?

  • AWS Migration Hub is a service for planning, orchestrating, and tracking application migration to AWS.

  • Supports migration status updates from the following:

    • AWS Application Migration Service

    • AWS Database Migration Service

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AWS Migration Hub Features

  • Use network visualization to quickly organize on-premises discovery data and accelerate migration planning.

  • Strategy Recommendations analyzes your applications to help you determine the best strategy and tools for migrating and modernizing at scale.

  • The orchestrator automates and simplifies application migration to AWS.

  • A dashboard for monitoring the status and metrics of your migrations in all AWS Regions.

  • Refactor Spaces provides an application proxy that emulates the strangler-fig pattern, allowing you to add new services to an external HTTPS endpoint and incrementally route traffic to new services.

  • Supports multi-region migrations.

AWS Migration Hub Concepts

  • To discover on-premises resources, you’ll need to use the following AWS tools:

    • AWS Application Discovery Service (see AWS ADS Cheat Sheet)

      • Agentless Collector

      • Discovery Agent

    • Migration Evaluator Collector

    • Migration Hub import

  • Home Region

    • The status and migration tracking data is stored in the home region.

    • You can also register agents and collectors outside of your home Region, but this disables data collection.

  • Strategy Recommendations

    • Performs an assessment to the following:

      • Server inventory

      • Runtime environment

      • Source code

      • Database

    • You can download the recommendations data in Microsoft Excel format.

    • Aside from using the application data collector, you can also import data using a template.

  • Orchestrator

    • A centralized location for running and tracking migrations.

    • Provides predefined templates for creating a migration workflow that can be customized to meet your specific migration requirements.

      • Migrate SAP NetWeaver applications to AWS.

      • Rehost applications on Amazon EC2

  • Refactor Spaces

    • Use this Refactor Spaces when you want to evolve applications into microservices.

    • You’ll need the following accounts to get started:

      • One for existing application

      • One for first new microservice

      • One for refactor environment owner

    • To add new services to an external HTTP endpoint, it orchestrates the following services:

      • Amazon API Gateway

      • Network Load Balancer

      • Resource-based AWS IAM

    • It also simplifies cross-account networking by orchestrating:

      • AWS Transit Gateway

      • AWS Resource Access Manager

      • Amazon VPCs

    • Environment

      • The environment consists of bridged VPCs that allow resources to interact via private IP addresses.

      • An environment owner has cross-account visibility into routes, applications, and services, regardless of which account created the resource.

    • The application contains routes, services and a single external endpoint to expose the app.

    • Route

      • A proxy matching rule that forwards a request to a service.

      • If none of the rules match, it uses a default route to forward requests to a default service.

      • It is configured on the application’s Amazon API Gateway proxy.

      • You can toggle it between active or inactive state.

  • You can use EC2 instance recommendations to estimate the cost of running on-premises servers to AWS.

AWS Migration Hub Monitoring

  • Use the AWS Migration Hub API to obtain both application and server migration status.

  • AWS CloudTrail captures all API calls from console and API operations.

AWS Migration Hub Pricing

  • You are charged for the migration tools and resources used on AWS.

  • You are charged for using Refactor Spaces:

    • Environments

    • API requests


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